Meet Our Stompers

    Stomping Elephants provides fun, affordable earrings, necklaces and jewellery at markets and online, all across Australia.
    Led by Chief Stomper, Abby, the business began in September 2014 with a small market stall of no more than 100 pairs of earrings. The support from our Mackay local stompers was overwhelming and after each market we attended, it grew and grew and many stomping addicts were created. Fast-forward eight months and the interest from outside of the Mackay area was also growing. Abby decided that it was time to engage some dedicated stompers to sell our products in their home towns. Independant Stomping Reps have been popping up all over Queensland and into Victoria in 2016.

    We are passionate about helping other women to gain a sense of success and fulfilment by being part of the stomping team. Check out our bios below to find out more about this talented group of Stompers!

  • Abby-Jane

    Chief Stomper

    Meet Abby - multi-tasker extraordinaire. The Original Stomper, Abby calls her work space in her garage at home, "Stomping HQ". Abby is a mother to two beautiful, vibrant mini-stompers and working from home means she can be involved in her daughters' activities. She is very passionate about Stomping Elephants and loves providing fun, affordable stomping style for all the amazing stompers.

  • Robyn

    Mackay Stomper

    Originally our Victoria Stomper, Robyn is now very excited to call Mackay home! Robyn enjoys gardening, patchwork reading, caravanning and cooking. After visiting the Mackay markets with her daughter, she discovered the addiction that is Stomping Elephants and has the collection to prove it. A loving mother and nanna, Robyn treasures her children and grandchildren and is excited to Stomp her way around the Mackay markets.

  • Nikki

    Behind-the-Scenes Stomper

    Enter Stomping's resident nerd. A mother to two gorgeous little boys, Nikki has a quirky passion for all things tech and artsy. A graphic designer by profession, Nikki not only built Stomping's online presence from scratch, but she also designed the beautiful Stomping branding that you see on all of our materials. A jack-of-all-trades, Nikki also designs some of our earrings (including custom designs!) and photographs all the earrings you see on our website.

  • Pippa

    Brisbane North Stomper

    If you've ever wondered where the term #stompingaddict originated, look no further! Pippa Peach used to be Stomping Elephants' best customer. In fact, she's so addicted, her record purchase before becoming a rep is 72 earrings in one day! No wonder this mother of two and self-confessed #stompingaddict decided to become a Stomping rep! Having forced her addiction on to her mother, sister and now her sister-in-law, she's a natural at spreading the stomping love...and we, here at Stomping, love her too!

  • Bianca

    Brisbane South Stomper

    Bianca was introduced to Stomping Elephants through some girlfriends in Mackay, and from there her earring obsession began. She adores all the designs coming out of Stomping HQ, and best of all, she found the hypoallergenic stainless steel posts perfect for her sensitive ears. After helping out her gorgeous friend Sheree in Central QLD, she fell in love with the market experience and seeing just how much everybody loves their Stomping earrings. Now that Bianca has relocated back to her hometown of Brisbane, she is so excited to bring Stomping to a Southside market near you!

  • Sam

    Bundaberg Stomper

    A single mum to a gorgeous seven-year-old daughter, Sam first fell in love with Stomping when she saw a friend had shared Stomping's Gold Coast South Facebook page. On her next trip to the Gold Coast, Sam, her sister, and her daughter all made their first purchases. That first purchase led to a few more, and a few more, and after so many comments from family and friends on how much they loved her Stomping Elephants earrings, Sam realised she needed to share her love of Stomping with the amazing people of Bundaberg. Seeing the excitement on customers' faces when they see a pair they just love and can't live without is one of Sam's favourite parts of the job. Sam (and her sister, Louise, who is with Sam at just about every market) love to hear customers' stories (like students who can't wait to see what pair their teacher is wearing each day), so come on down to a market and tell us some of your Stomping stories!

  • Clarisse

    Cairns and Surrounds Stomper

    A lover of all things fun and pretty, Clarisse would drag her partner to the markets, always stopping in at the Stomping stall to get herself new earrings to add to the ever growing collection. Clarisse likes to live by the motto that every outfit can be made with the perfect pair of earrings! She couldn't let the opportunity to become a Stomping Elephants rep pass her by, so she jumped on board, and is as happy as ever.

  • Sheree

    Emerald / Blackwater Stomper

    As a mother of very busy twin toddler boys, the flexibility of being a Stomping Elephants rep was a big drawcard for Sheree. Not only does she love the fact that she can share Stomping's pretty things with others, Sheree loves that she can work from home and still be with her boys. Sheree is passionate about all things Stomping and is thrilled about the opportunities it has brought her in terms of having the perfect work / life balance. She loves to meet new Stompers and can't wait to share her Stomping addiction with you!

  • Fleur

    Gold Coast Stomper

    After a holiday to the Whitsundays and falling in love with Stomping Elephants, Fleur knew she had to bring the gorgeous Stomping styles to the Gold Coast. Fleur is a busy mother of two boys who is based at Burleigh Heads. She is a big kid at heart and loves wearing Stomping Elephants each day to express her bubbly personality. Fleur especially loves meeting new Stompers each weekend at her markets and then seeing them back the next week with their girlfriends.

  • Ladze

    Melbourne Stomper

    Ladze moved from her hometown of Mackay, QLD to Melbourne for her husband's work. Because she had to leave friends and family behind, she decided she needed to keep herself busy and meet new people. Her solution was to turn her Stomping addiction into her dream job and she became our Melbourne rep. Ladze has two beautiful young daughters who are her world and they love to hang out at markets with their mum. Ladze and her family love their new life in the city, and when she doesn't have markets to attend, Ladze and her family are always off exploring somewhere fun.

  • Danyelle

    Moranbah Stomper

    Before She joined the Stomping family, Danyelle was the number one customer in her home town. She has created two mini addicts in her two beautiful girls and believers out of her talented husband and number one son. Organising is equally her best trait and her biggest flaw ... Meet Danyelle - organisation perfectionist! She can't wait to stomp into your life.

  • Natasha

    Rockhampton Stomper

    After recently moving back to Rockhampton, Natasha wanted the opportunity to introduce her Stomping addiction to the region, showing everyone the amazing products that Stomping HQ create for us. Natasha really enjoys getting out and about meeting our fabulous Rockhampton Stompers. She hopes to see you at a market soon!

  • Tracy

    Townsville Stomper

    Tracy is your local Stomper in the "Ville". She fell in love with Stomping Elephants' beautiful products on a weekend away and just knew she had to bring #stompingstyle to Townsville. Tracy is a mum of two mini-Stompers who get (almost) as excited as mum when her Stomping packages arrive, filled with all their lovliness. Tracy can't wait to share her Stomping addiction with you!

  • Neve

    Whitsundays Stomper

    Bio coming soon